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BTX Group, until April 2006 Brandtex Group, has a development history of more than 75 years. A history ranging from Anna and Aage Petersen's start under very modest circumstances in 1935 in the father-in-law's old water mill in Brande to the present position as an important fashion group composed of a group of strong brands with huge international development potential.


2005- 2015

2015       1. January: Brandtex A/S, Jensen Women A/S and Signature A/S are merged into BTX Group A/S

2013       BTX Group A/S acquires the brand SOL-DESIGN

2013      18.3.2013: Sun European Partners takes over the ownership of Btx group A/S

2012       As of 1 July the divisions Young, Modern and Retail Norway are sold.

2011       Jesper Roe is appointed new CEO of BTX Group A/S. Merger with our
               partner in Norway through many years, John Gilbert Helgeland.

2010       The 15 brands of BTX Group A/S are grouped in 3 divisions; Young, Modern and Classic.

2006       BTX Footwear is established in Vejle.
2006       As of 1 April Brandtex Group A/S changes name to BTX Group A/S.
2006       Kabooki is sold.
2006       As of 1 April Brandtex Group A/S changes name to BTX Group A/S.

2005       A joint purchasing office in Shanghai, BTX China, is established.
               In May the Brandtex group is sold to the private equity fund, EQT.
               In autumn 2005 4YOU A/S is merged with Blend A/S in Vejle and Silbor Fashion ApS
               is merged with Signature A/S in Brande.


2004 - 1986

In the middle of the 1980s it is decided to expand the business area and capture a larger part of the clothing market. Partly through acquisition of companies and partly through establishment of new companies.

2002     Brandtex takes over the retailing chain MacCoy A/S – lader known as SHARE.

1999     Brandtex takes over Jensen Women A/S in Herning (former Jensen Coat A/S).
1997     Brandtex takes over Silbor Fashion ApS in Them.

1993     Brandtex takes over Kabooki A/S in Herning.

1993     Blend A/S is established as an independent company in Vejle.

1992     Jens Iversen takes up the position of managing director. Max Petersen continues
             as chairman of the board.

1991     Brandtex establishes b.young A/S in Kolding.

1990     Brandtex takes over Fransa Clothing Company A/S in Odense.
1990     The present domicile in Brande is built in ”structural glazing” – an impressive and significant glass
              construction without bars.

1989      Brandtex establishes Signature A/S in Brande (former Uniface A/S).

1986      Brandtex takes over 4YOU A/S in Haderslev.

1985 - 1935

1983-84 - Brandtex establishes its first production plant abroad in Stockton, England.  Also new factories in Tarm and Horsens are established.

1975-81 - Brandtex establishes own factories in Hejnsvig, Herning and Tarm. During the same period the company cooperates with a number of external dress making businesses all over Denmark.

1980s – Production units in former East Germany, Greece, Poland, and Bulgaria are established. Gradually, the production is moved abroad. The first years in cooperation with external dress making businesses in Yugoslavia, Portugal, Greece, and Poland, respectively.  Later also in cooperation with companies in Morocco, Tunisia, Albania, East Germany and The Baltic states.  At the same time the Danish production plants are gradually closed down or sold.

1971 - Brandtex is restructured from a partnership to a family-owned private limited company. Max Petersen – the son of Anna and Aage Petersen – is appointed managing director.

1935 - Brandtex is established in Brande by Anna and Aage Petersen. At first as a hosiery wholesale company – and right after the start also an independent production of children's wear using local home dressmakers.

After a standstill in production and sales of clothing during the war, activities really accelerated in the 50s and 60s. Through acquisition of buildings and construction of production plants and storage facilities the company expands locally.