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The BTX Group is one of the main suppliers of fashion for women within the Nordic contries.

Every day, we offer consumers a broad range of reasonably priced top-quality clothing through approximately 5000 independent retailers.

The BTX Group, previously called Brandtex, celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2015. Today, the company has 150 employees and a turnover around €67 mio.


The BTX Group wants to run a profitable and sustainable business based on the needs of our customers.

The Group's Corporate Responsibility Policy is based on a number of internationally recognised principles relating to human rights, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption. In accordance with these principles for corporate social responsibility, the Group wishes to deal fairly with all interested parties, minimise any negative impact on the environment and contribute to mutually beneficial economic results.

We endeavour to work proactively with our suppliers e.g. by using self-assessments and training.


Our Corporate Responsibility Policy consists of a general set of principles, described and implemented in the Group's Code of Conduct here.

The Group's senior management makes sure the Corporate Responsibility Policy is incorporated in the company's management decisions.

The Group has drafted a number of business procedures in connection with the implementation of CR in the organisation. Compliance with the business procedures for CR is monitored internally.

BTX Group has endorsed Danish Fashion Ethical Charter, which focuses on three core values involving accountability, compassionate respect and health.